Plot Sound safari
Air date June 5, 2005


Picture Segment Description
Scene Finchen spends the night with Ella after they have played together all day. Ella quickly falls asleep, but Finchen hears a weird sound, not at all like the sounds she is used to hearing at her leaf pile. She wakes Ella and tells her about the weird noises. Ella suggests that they go on a sound safari.
Scene Finchen thinks she can hear a clock, so Ella grabs a flashlight and they goes in the direction of the sound.
Scene They sing a song about sounds they hear. They reach the clock and quickly conclude that the sound is indeed coming from it. They then hear a dripping noise, so they continue to sing the song as they come closer to the sound. They talk about what they think it could be. Finchen believes it could be a frog with hiccups, but decides that it could be a faucet dripping. They reach the destination and discover a faucet dripping. They then hear another noise.
Scene They sing another verse and then talk a bit about what they think it might be. This time the sound is coming from an open window.
Scene Finchen now knows where all the sounds she hears were coming from, so now she is certain that she will be able to fall asleep.

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