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Plot Mountain climbers
Air date December 5, 2004
This episode page has been compiled from the episode description at the NDR website.

Picture Segment Description
Mehmet and Samson are playing soccer, when a Wolf asks them if there are any mountains nearby. Samson says theres no mountains around and the wolf is relieved. The wolf turns out to be Willy Wolf, the famous mountain climber. Samson are impressed and thinks one have to be courageous to be a mountain climber, Willy tells him that you just don't need courage you need a lot of it. Mehmet thinks it could be fun and Samson quickly says that they can use his cave. Willy quickly gets worried as he thought they said there where no mountains around, Samson says that his cave are just a few rocks. The go to the cave, and Willy thinks it looks very high and quickly confesses that he are not a mountain climber after all and that he are afraid of heights.
Willy tells Samson and Mehmet that his entire family consists of famous mountain climbers. Mehmet and Samson says that they want to help him get over his fear.
Mehmet and Samson sings about how to climb, while they try to convince Willy to climb up on a rock. But all he mange are to touch a rock.
Mehmet and Samson sing the song again this time at the stairs at Pepe's house. This time Willy manage to climb the stairs.
Willy plants a flag after reaching the top and are proud that he mange to climb such a difficult set of stairs. He suggest that maybe he could be a world famous stair climber instead, but they convince him to try and climb Samson's cave instead.
Back at the cave Willy are trying to climb the mountain, but he have not even left the ground when he starts to panic. Mehmet tells him that he will climb first and Samson will support Willy from the ground. As soon as he gets started, he becomes excited and they sing the climbing song together.

Known segments

  • Ernieonly has to put one cookie on stake, before Cookie Monster understands the word "around"
  • Grover sits on a mountain top waiting for the a Alphorn
  • A little green man from outer space lands in the deep snow.
  • Elmo is going mountain climbing and needs Oscar’s help in making sure he has prepared everything he will need. The mountain he climbs, however, is Oscar's trash can.

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