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Plot In the Jungle
Air date October 3, 2004
This episode page has been compiled from the episode description at the NDR website.

Picture Segment Description

It's a hot day on Sesamstrasse. Pepe and Finchen are sad to see the flowers are dried all out. Finchen asks Pepe if he has spell that he can use to do something about the heat. Pepe quickly says that he sure does and proceeds by casting a anti-heat spell.
The spell turns Sesamstrasse into a jungle and Pepe into a gorilla. They find out that the plants here looks much better than the ones they saw earlier.
Pepe and Finchen notice that there are other animals in the jungle as well and among those are Pferd and Wolle. Pepe begins to sing a song about being in the jungle.

They all hear some growling and can see something moving ahead of them and it scares them. They plead Pepe to do something, and Pepe attempts to cast a new spell.
Luckely he mange to turn everything into normal again. And shortly after it starts to rain, Pepe says to Finchen that it seems that his spell worked, but Finchen are not so sure. Then the flowers from earlier starts to get better.

Known segments

  • The jungle animals want a autograph from Guy Smiley
  • Kermit counts five monkeys, and when he is done, he gets monkey business.
  • Ernie and Bert go to the jungle to find Dr. Livingstone, because Ernie has a very important question to ask him, but they keep running into other people, including a fire fighter and a taxi driver

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