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Plot Anke's good mood
Air date July 18, 2004
This episode page has been compiled from the episode description at the NDR website.

Picture Segment Description
Anke is singing because she is looking forward to a picnic. Rumpel asks her to stop those happy sounds. Anke replies that nothing can get her in a bad mood. Rumpel is stumped that she wants to continue to be in a good mood all day, no one can be so happy. He asks her about what can change her mood, yet she doesn't think that anyone or anything can. As she is about to tie the laces on her boots, they break. Rumpel is now sure that it will stop her "happy sounds."
However, it turns out that Anke is still happy since she found her favorite shoes instead.
Anke says goodbye to Rumpel and goes off to her picnic. However she trips and fall, Rumpel are excited anke will have to be in a bad mood after such a fall. But as Anke gets up, she finds a four leaf clover, which is said to bring luck. Shortly after it begins to rain, and Rumpel is sure it will change her mood. However, Anke tells Rumpel about all the good things that rain does, such as giving water to the flowers and trees and she goes inside to find a raincoat, while Rumpel tries to tell her that the "bad mood rules" say that you have to be in a bad mood when it rains.
Rumpel has found an umbrella of his own as Anke exits the house, still in a good mood.
Anke sings about being in a good mood and that nothing can bother her while she's in a good mood, and Rumpel happily joins in about being in a bad mood. Anke tells Rumpel that she's in a good mood, while he's in a bad mood. Rumpel then realize that he's truly in a bad mood, so he ends up being satisfied with the situation.

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