Plot Ghostly sound
Air date 2005


Picture Segment Description
Scene Rumpel is excited Super-Grautsch are visiting Sesamstrasse and he is going to tell a story about something he has done. Super-Grautsch starts the story about when he went into a dark forest and heard a rattling noise. Just then Rumpel and Gustav hear a noise down the street, shortly after he also hears something strange.
Near the store Pferd is busy eating various vegetables and knocking over a few crates in the process. Rumpel is scared, but then comforts himself with the fact that Super-Grautsch is there to take care of it.
Scene Rumpel is sure that Super-Grautsch will be able to solve the source of the ghostly sound. He asks Super-Grautsch about his plan, Super-Grautsch quickly replies that the plan are very secret.
Scene Rumpel will document Super-Grautsch's heroic deeds with his camera and takes a picture of Super-Grautsch. The flash is so powerful that Super-Grautsch runs away, but then realizes what he has done when Rumpel asks him what he are doing and quickly explains that he is doing some exercises. Super-Grautsch suggests to Rumpel that they will hunt the ghost with a superhero song. The two Grouches then sing the song while looking for the ghost.
Scene Rumpel thinks that Super-Grautsch was very brave and just them they hear a sound and Super-Grautsch quickly starts to shake of fear.

Scene Rumpel is sure that they are closing in on the ghost, when he hears a chewing sound. They sneak closer, while Super-Grautsch tells Rumpel that you have to be very careful around a chewing ghost and they quickly take cover as something is moving in front of them. Pferd pops up, still eating grapes. The two Grouches decide to move even closer, when Rumpel gets an idea about who the ghost is. He calls Pferd out and sure enough Pferd appears next to them. Rumpel introduces Pferd to Super-Grautsch, who quickly declares the case closed. Pferd asks them if they are also so hungry that they can't sleep. Super-Grautsch quickly replies that Rumpel and Gustav were so scared of the ghostly sound that they needed his help. Rumpel agrees that Super-Grautsch is a superhero.

Known segments

  • While Bert is reading, Ernie tries to scare him by dressing up as a ghost. When Ernie notices that Bert left his chair while he fetched a white sheet, Ernie sits down in the chair and relaxes, until Bert enters the room and startles him.
  • Super Grover decides to teach Elmo how to be a superhero. However, Elmo wears his cape the wrong way, which causes him to trip whenever he wants to fly. (EKA: Folge 1998)

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