Plot Wind
Air date 2004


Picture Segment Description
Scene A strong wind are blowing everything away on Sesamstrasse. Finchen notice a man close at her leafpile, it tunrs out the be the Wind, and he got something that tickles his nose so he can't stop sneezing. Every time the wind sneezes a strong wind blows in. The wind tells Finchen that he tries to sneeze very carefully after all he are not a storm. Finchen decides to try and help him.
Scene Finchen gives the wind a rose, so the smell hopefully can help on the tickling in the winds nose. However that did not help.
Scene Finchen asks Nils if he knows how to stop the wind from sneezing. Nils are not sure what she means, so she tells him that the wind are standing outside and that he are sneezing and Finchen drags Nils out to show him. But just as they go out the wind leaves, and Nils says to Finchen that he can't see anyone. Finchen can't understand were the wind went, just then the wind appears behind Nils and sneeze so hard that Nils hat blows off, and the wind leaves again.
Scene The wind are still sneezing, but Finchen has a new idea, he should scratch his nose. He scratches his nose but that don't help. The wind shows Finchen a windmill, it's his favorite and he blows very carefully on it to make it spin. But then he's about to sneezes again, and he are sure that will ruin the windmill. Finchen then gets an idea, the wind should jump three times, then maybe whatever that's tickling the nose will fall out. The wind jumps three times and it seems to have worked. The wind gives Finchen the windmill as a thank you and he leaves. Nils comes out and Finchen tells him that the wind no longer sneezes.

Known segments

  • Bert is reading a book about air, and tells Ernie that air moves things. Ernie decides to verify that with his electric fan, which blows Bert's book away - so that Bert can play baseball with Ernie.
  • The Plonsters makes a hot air balloon.
  • The Big Bad Wolf teaches Kermit how to huff and puff like him. The wolf tests Kermit's blowing skills by having him move three ping pong balls by taking a deep breath and then blow them away with his mouth. Next, the wolf wants Kermit to blow down a straw house, but Kermit can't do it. On the third try, the wolf secretly helps him by blowing on the house and they both blow the straw off of it. The wolf congratulates Kermit on his great job at blowing, but now Kermit has to deal with the monster couple who live in it, who are not very pleased with what just happened.
  • "Gone With the Wind" (EKA: Folge 1567)

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