Plot Strawberry cake with mustard-"schopi"
Air date December 7, 2003


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Scene Rumpel are looking in his cook book, to figure out what he wants to eat. He settles on a strawberry cake with mustard-"schopi". He pulls out a strawberry cake from his barrel and a tube of mustard, but something are missing...the Schopi so Rumpel decides to go over and see if Nils has any in the store.
Scene Nils thinks Rumpels strawberry cake looks delicious, but Rumpel says that it's far from finished. He asks if Nils have any "Schopi", Nils are not sure what it is but finds a few things under the counter; sprinkles, marzipan balls, chocolate chunks, Rumpel can't believe his eyes why ruin a cake with that stuff all he want are "Schopi". Nils asks Rumpel to tell him what "Schopi" are, Rumpel says that "Schupi" are brown mushrooms. Nils tells Rumpel that mushrooms grows in ground in the forest, Rumpel decides to ask Finchen for help finding mushrooms.
After Rumpel have left Nils thinks more about "Schopi" and realizes that "Schopi" are short for "Schokolade Pilze" (Chocolate mushrooms).
Scene Finchen and Rumpel are looking for "Schopi" in the forest. After awhile Finchen discovers what she belives to be some "Schopi", but it turns out to be regular mushrooms.
Scene Finchen asks Rumpel what "Schobi" is but all Rumpel can say are that it's mushrooms. Then Nils turns up with a small basket of "Schopi" Rumpel are excited. Nils goes ahead and decorate the cake with his chocolate covered mushrooms. Meanwhile Rumpel prepares the tube of mustard and cover the cake in it. Rumpel offer Nils and Finchen a piece of the cake but they don't feel like eating anything of that cake. They would rather have it with vanilla icecream or cream. They then begin to sing about what they like to eat.

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