Plot The scale
  • Lefty wants to sell Ernie a scale. He uses two pounds of bananas and two pounds of apples to demonstrate how the scale works. Ernie is impressed, but he already has a scale at home. However, he wants to buy the apples and bananas.
  • Mr. Johnson wants to order some spaghetti at an Italian restaurant called Guido's Trattoria and Spaghetti Joint. Grover brings the food, but it turns out to be just one noodle, angering Mr. Johnson. Next, Grover brings him only two noodles, then one noodle again. Finally, Grover brings him a large plate of spaghetti, with a lot of noodles. It proves too heavy for him, and he spills the spaghetti all over Mr. Johnson, who storms off in a huff.
  • Telly asks Oscar the Grouch what he is talking about with Irvine. Oscar tricks Telly by pretending they are having a deep conversation about tin cans, before he tells Telly that babies don't say anything when they make noises.

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