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Plot The fight
Air date
  • Cartoon: A magician demonstrates "surprise".
  • Against Bert's will, Ernie plays a game with him in which he says a word which is the opposite of every word Bert emphasizes. When Bert finally agrees to PLAY, Ernie becomes stumped, since he can't figure out of the opposite of the word PLAY.
  • Two Anything Muppet boys are in the park, playing hide and seek. One hides while the other says the alphabet. Unfortunately, he doesn't know the whole alphabet, so he asks for help when he gets stuck. The other boy has to come out of his hiding place to help him finish the alphabet. He helps with Z, and then gets caught.
  • At a library, Cookie Monster asks an Anything Muppet librarian for a box of cookies. The librarian becomes extremely frustrated because Cookie Monster doesn't understand the library doesn't have cookies! (EKA: Folge 0718)

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