Plot Painting a note
  • Samson paints a note to help him remeber what to buy Lilo.
  • Captain Breakfast unsuccessfully encourages a little girl to eat breakfast, the most important meal of the day.
  • Bert notices that Ernie has a piece of string tied on his finger. Ernie says that the string tied on this finger helps to remind him that there's a piece of string tied on this finger. And so on. The string on the last finger is there to remind him that they're out of string.
  • The Count withdraws all his money from the bank to count it. He deposits it again, but not before counting it one more time.
  • Cartoon: Eight frogs
  • Telly hosts "Cooking With Telly", where he wants to serve a sandwich he has made but doesn't know what to do with it and the plate.

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