Plot The sad ghost
  • Samson stars in a story as a sad ghost.
  • Grover is about to eat his carrot when he hears Mumford approaching. Grover asks Mumford to make the carrot disappear. Mumford eating the carrot.
  • Cartoon: A man in a bowler hat hears different sounds behind each door.
  • Cookie Monster encounters a green napkin. Every time he squeezes the napkin, a new number appears, allowing Cookie to count up to 20. This creeps him out, but what's even more creepy is when Kermit shows up inside the napkin at the end of the bit -- he's also green, after all.
  • While Bert is reading, Ernie tries to scare him by dressing up as a ghost. When Ernie notices that Bert left his chair while he fetched a white sheet, Ernie sits down in the chair and relaxes, until Bert enters the room and startles him.
  • Film: The Alphabet Detective looks for the Letter Z.

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