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Plot New hammock
Air date April 2, 1990
Bert's Purple Hand
  • Samson gets a new hammock and while resting in it, he dreams about being a prince. Uli von Bödefeld wishes a chance it sit in it as well.
  • Bert can't go on a trip with Ernie because his hand has purple paint on it. Ernie puts a mitten on Bert's hand to cover it, but Bert still won't go because he looks silly wearing one mitten. So Ernie completes the outfit with another mitten, a hat, a scarf, and a sled. Ernie then reveals that they are going to the beach.
  • Film: The seasons
  • Grover gets Oscar the Grouch to join him in listing words that begin with each letter of the alphabet. Grover says wholesome words while Oscar uses insulting words.
  • Kermit counts four eggs. A chick hatches out of one egg, so he counts the three eggs -- then two, then one. Then he counts the four chickens.

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