Eine Möhre für Zwei
Air Date October 29, 2010

Picture Segment Description

Scene Pferd and Wolle are eating breakfeast while reading books about Manfred the astronaut mouse, they have read the books so many times already and they can hardly wait for Finchen who should have the newest book with her. Wolle then notice that Pferd just ate the last slice of bread, Pferd defends himself by saying that Wolle drank the last chocolate milk. They then start arguing about other things, when Finchen arrives with a delivery, they quickly snatches the package out of her hands and slams the door. They open the box and there it it the newest book about Manfred the astronaut mouse and they start to argue about who gets to read it first. Finchen rings the door bell again and Wolle opens the door, he forgot to sign for the package. Afterwards he discovers that the book are gone and Pferd won't tell him where it's hidden.
Scene After chansing Pferd around the carrot house, Wolle lays claim to the rest of the books in the series. Pferd then lay claim on their cd's and the cd player. Wolle responds by claiming the Frisbee and the couch and they continue to claim various things until they have divided all of their belongings among them. Pferd still won't tell Wolle where he has hidden the book, so Wolle decides to go out and play frisbee with himself and Pferd stays inside to listen to a fairytale cd.
Scene Wolle runs back and forth throwing the frisbee in front of himself, when Finchen comes by to ask about why the slammed the door, but Wolle are busy playing with himself. Finchen asks Wolle why he don't play with Pferd and Wolle tells her that he and Pferd had a fight about Manfred the astronaut mouse. Finchen suggest Wolle that they go inside and talk to Pferd.
Scene Finchen asks them to tell what happened and why they don't play together. They tell her everything about how greedy the other one was and that Pferd have hidden the book. Finchen concludes that they each think they own the book, she decides that they should ask the kids for advice.
Film Kids talks about sharing with their friends
Scene Finchen concludes that the children are correct, but Wolle and Pferd are not sure what she means. Finchen tells them that if you don't want to fight over things you will have to share. Wolle and Pferd would like to be friends again and share the book. But there are a problem the book are under all of the mess in the carrot. Wolle mange to dig out the book. Wolle and Pferd takes turn reading lines in the book.

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