Eine Möhre für Zwei
Air Date October 28, 2010

Picture Segment Description
Scene Pferd are playing with his handpuppets and asks Wolle how they should build a puppet theater. Wolle quickly starts to gather some books and say thats how they are gonna build one. Wolle knocks the pile of books on the floor and finds an old diary from his great grandfather the pirate captain Säbelschaf and inside the book they find and old letter that says it contains a pirate secret. Pferd asks Wolle what a secret means, but Wolle are unable to answer so they decide to ask the children on the videophone.
Film Kids talks about keeping a secret
Scene They decide to open the letter, but keep the secret to themselves, so it can stay a secret. As they open the letter they discover a treasure map. They start to imagine what the treasure could be gold, diamnats or carrots. They hear Finchen outside and quickly hides the map. Finchen asks them what they are doing with all the books and Pferd quickly replies that they can't tell since it's a secret. Finchen are excited and would love to hear more about the secret, but Pferd says that he can't tell since it won't be a secret anymore. Finchen leaves to continue his route and Wolle and Pferd begins the treasure hunt.
Scene They quickly finds the spot in the woods and begin to dig for the treasure. It don't take them long before a chest appears, but the hole are too deep for them to get the chest up, so they decide to go to the hardware store.
Scene Wolke are the hardware store owner today and she helps them to find a thick rope. Pferd tells her taht they need it to hoist a huge chest, then the chickens that ere in the store as well suddenly turns their attention to Wolle and Pferd and wonders what it might be. Wolle and Pferd pays Wolke and leaves. Finchen arrives with letters for Wolke. They talk about what Wolle and Pferd might be up to, Wolke thinks that they might have found somekind of treasure. Finchen would really like to know what they are doing the the forest and leaves. Shortly after the chickens hurries away as well.
Scene Wolle and Pferd tries to hoist the chest but it's to heavey for them. They then notice Finchen that appears behind them, and shortly after the chickens turns up as well. Finchen suggest that all of them helps pulling the chest up. They manage to get the chest up of the hole and they open the chest. It turns out that the chest contains pirate hats, and everyone are very disappointed. But then Wolle gets an idea.
Scene Finchen and the three chickens wear the pirate hats as they watch Wolle and Pferd's puppet show. The chest have been redesigned into a puppet theater. Pferd thinks it was a goode idea to turn the chest into a puppet theater. But then Wolle reveals a new secret to Pferd, after they gave the hats to the chickens and Finchen he discovered a recipe, in the diary, for a Caribbean carrot cake and that they are gonna bake it after everyone have gone home and they continue the puppet show.

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