Eine Möhre für Zwei
Air Date October 23, 2010

Picture Segment Description
Scene Wolle are ready to have breakfest, but somethings wrong theres a huge pile of fresh carrots but no Pferd. It tunrs out that Pferd are still in bed, so Wolle wakes him up. But Pferd are not hungry, Wolle can't believe it, Pferd are always hungry. Pferd sneezes so hard that the bucket of carrots are blown away. Wolle tells him that if he are sick he will have to go to the doctor. But as soon Pferd hears that, he suddenly says that he are not sick and takes Wolle's oatmeal to prove it but he ends up sneezing again. Pferd finally admits that he are scared about going to the doctor. Wolle takes him over to the machine to ask the children about how they feel when they go to the doctor.
Film Kids talks about going to the doctor.
Scene Pferd have locked himself in the bath room, and asks Günni for advice. Günni promise him that he will fell better by going to the doctor. After Pferd have come out of the bathroom, Wolle trips on the carrots on the floor and ends-up with a broken arm. Pferd tells him that he will have to go to the doctor, and suddenly Wolle are sure that the arm are not broken and tries to straighten it out to prove it, but it hurt to much. Pferd asks Wolle if he are also scared for the doctor, and Wolle confesses that he are scared. Pferd tells him that he will feel better after visiting the doctor and if they go together it might not be so bad.
Scene Pferd and Wolle enters the waiting room, where Wolf also are waiting. The Wolf tells them a scary story about his cousin who also had a cold waited three hours at the doctor and how the doctor will fix a broken arm. Then Pferd and Wolle are called in to the doctor.
Scene Pferd and Wolle are surprised to see that the doctor are their friend Wolke. She takes a look at Wolle first, while she examines him she asks what happened and Wolle happily tells her what happened. When she finished with Wolle Pferd are ready to leave, but Wolle mange to stop him and says that it's his turn now. Wolke starts to examine Pferd. She gives them each a carrot on a stick for being so good patients.
Scene Back home Wolle and Pferd are playing doctors and they can't under stand why they were so scared about going to the doctor. They then hear a sneeze from the bath room. It turns out that Günni have caught a cold. Pferd and Wolle gets excited a real patient. Wolle ensures Günni that he will be in the best hoofs.

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