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Episode 413 of The Muppet Show featured four short sketches in which Floyd Pepper and Zoot sit on a bench (possibly at a bus stop) and, after somebody asks them a question, they respond with a joke. All of these sketches appeared in Rock Music with the Muppets.

Sketch #1

Floyd and Zoot play their instruments on the bench as Slim Wilson walks by.
Slim: Hey, do you know how to get to Carnegie Hall?
Floyd: Practice, man, practice.
Floyd and Zoot laugh.
Zoot: The old ones are the best ones.

Sketch #2

Animal joins Floyd and Zoot by playing the drums next to the bench.
Old Lady: (sticking head out of window) Hey! Hey, you! Down there! Hey! Do you know there's a little old lady sleeping up here?
Zoot: No, but hum a few bars and we'll fake it.
Zoot and Floyd laugh.
Animal: (shouting it out as if it were a tune) There's a Little Old Lady, Sleeping Up Here!

Sketch #3

Floyd and Zoot play their instruments as a passer-by walks past them
Passer-by: Excuse me. Crosstown buses run all night?
Floyd and Zoot: Doo-dah, doo-dah!
They laugh.

Sketch #4

Floyd is sleeping while Zoot is looking at something off-camera. A car crash is heard off-screen.
Floyd: (waking up) Hey, man, what was that?
Zoot: B-flat. (blows note on saxophone)
Floyd and Zoot laugh.


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