Florence Stanley as Bernice Fish on Barney Miller

Florence Stanley (1924 - 2003) was a raspy-voiced character actress who was heard as Ethyl Phillips on Dinosaurs. Stanley began her career in early television dramas in the 1950s, including a brief stint on Dark Shadows, but first came to prominence as the insecure Bernice Fish on Barney Miller and the spin-off series Fish.

Stanley soon specialized in playing sharp-tongued older women on sitcoms, such as Judge Wilbur on My Two Dads and Dr. Raskin on Nurses, plus guest appearances on Mad About You, Dharma and Greg, and Malcolm in the Middle. Film credits included Bulworth, Up the Down Staircase, Down With Love, Trapped in Paradise, and Disney's animated feature Atlantis: The Lost Empire. On stage, she replaced Bea Arthur as Yente in the original Broadway run of Fiddler on the Roof.

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