Flip in Funny Face, featured on Muppet Babies

Flip the Frog was a cartoon character created by animator Ub Iwerks upon leaving Walt Disney to form his own studio. In his debut, the two-tone technicolor short Fiddlesticks (1930), Flip was green and resembled a frog in a bow-tie (and coincidentally wound up in conflict with a very Mickey-esque rodent). In subsequent entries, Flip lost his flippers and identifiable frog's head, becoming a more generic creature in short pants and a hat, but still retaining the "Flip the Frog" moniker. The series ended in 1933, and the Iwerks Studio folded in 1936. Iwerks himself worked as subcontractor on the early Looney Tunes shorts, such as Porky and Gabby and Porky's Superservice, before returning to Disney on a more long-term basis as an expert on special effects.

Flip's escapades occasionally resurface on public domain DVDs and in volumes of Image Entertainment's The Cartoons That Time Forgot series.


In the second season Muppet Babies episode "The Great Muppet Cartoon Show," Flip the Frog footage from the 1932 short Funny Face appears during the song montage "We Love Cartoons."

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