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Abby Cadabby provides a magical instant replay of the past for Zoe in episode 4518 of Sesame Street.

A list of flashbacks in Muppet and Henson productions.


  • The Muppet Movie - The film shows how the Muppets got started (or, as Kermit tells Robin, "it's sort of approximately how it happened").
  • Kermit's Swamp Years - Aside from the beginning and end, the whole movie takes place during a time when Kermit was 12-years-old.
  • The Muppets - The movie begins with a montage of Walter and Gary growing up, with Walter narrating. Additionally, Rowlf's exclusion from the montage prompts a flashback to him rejoining the Muppets. In a deleted scene, Tex Richman talks about how his tenth birthday party got ruined due to his inability to laugh at the Muppets.

Sesame Street

Fraggle Rock

  • Pretty much every reading of every postcard from Traveling Matt serves as a flashback.
  • Gobo's Discovery - Includes a flashback to the time Gobo decided he wanted to be an explorer.
  • Born to Wander - The whole episode is a flashback.
  • Inspector Red - This episode includes a number of flashbacks to events taking place when the Fraggle Horn was stolen.


The Muppets

  • "Pig Girls Don't Cry" - The break-up of Kermit and Miss Piggy is shown through archival paparazzi footage.


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