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Placido Flamingo, the famous opera singer.

Flamingos are tall, pink wading birds that have long legs and curved beaks with filters inside, which are used for filter-feeding. They are found in tropics and subtropics of South America, Africa, and on the southern tip of Florida.

On a 1976 episode of Sesame Street, a Muppet flamingo decides to fly north to visit Sesame Street for his vacation. He realizes that his vacation in the city isn't going to be fun when he asks Big Bird for a fruit tree and a drink of water. The water is frozen, and the trees are bare.

From seasons 17 to 22, another flamingo named Placido Flamingo, an opera singer, appeared as a recurring character.

In episode 506 of The Muppet Show, a flamingo (played by Louise Gold) appeared during the falling sequence.

In the Animal Show episode "Pelican & Flamingo", a flamingo named Julie told Jake and Stinky how flamingos eat the proper way.

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