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Five Feet High and Rising

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Written by Johnny Cash
Date 1959
Publisher Unichappell Music
House of Cash Music
Sesame Street Johnny Cash And Biff Sing Five Feet High03:38

Sesame Street Johnny Cash And Biff Sing Five Feet High

In "Five Feet High and Rising", Johnny Cash sings a song that he wrote about his family's experience during a flood when he was a child. Each time he sings the refrain, he adds one more foot to the height of the rising water. Cash first recorded the song for a single in 1959 and it became one of his signature songs.

On Sesame Street, Cash sang the song to Biff, who used square-foot boxes to illustrate the song's lyrics.

Chart performance

"Five Feet High and Rising" was released in 1959, and reached No. 14 on the Billboard Hot C&W Sides chart; on the Billboard Hot 100, the song peaked at No. 76.



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