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Fem Barn och ett Sandtroll is the Swedish dub of Five Children and It. The movie premiered in Sweden on October 28, 2005.


  • Norea Sjöquist as Jane
  • Jasmine Heikura as Anthea
  • Fredrik Dolk as Uncle Albert
  • Louise Hoffsten as Mother
  • Eddie Hultén as Robert
  • Jan Modin as It
  • Oskar Nilsson as Cyril
  • Hugo Paulsson as Horace
  • Angela Kovács as Martha
  • Mats Qviström as Peasemarsh
Additional Voices: Peter Sjöquist, Dan Bratt, Lawrence Mackrory, Jessica Strömberg, Caroline Strömberg

Additional Credits

  • Translation: Thomas Jansson, Scandinavian Text Service
  • Dubbing director: Dan Bratt
  • Sound engineers: Johan Lejdemyr, Robert Iversen and Magnus Veigas
  • Producer: Svend Christiansen and Sun Studio A/S
  • Dubbing Studio: Sun Studio A/S

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