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Fears of Zero is a sketch written by Jerry Juhl for episode 202 of The Muppet Show. Here, Zero Mostel recites a poem about his fears, surrounded by the Purple Heap, the Green Heap, Shakey Sanchez, the Snerfs, and (a toothed) Timmy Monster.

In the poem, Zero lists the various things he is afraid of: baldness, missing a train, spiders, insects, and the dread fear that, someday, he will grow fat! The fears take the forms of various monsters that crawl all over Zero. However, he is able to quickly dispel them by counting them and wishing them away. At the end of the sketch, Zero reveals that his greatest fear has yet to come. Timmy Monster walks onto the scene, and Zero warns the audience that his most terrible fear is that the monster will count and dispel him! Sure enough, Zero fades away, leaving Timmy to ponder what has happened.

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