PERFORMER Alex Jennings
DEBUT 2004

Father is the nameless patriarch of the five children in Five Children and It. A Royal Flying Corps pilot and fighter ace, Father goes off to France during the First World War, forcing a separation between him and the children, who are evacuated to Uncle Albert's home. He leaves his son Robert a compass as a sign of his affection and a token to remind him of his safety.

Father is later reported shot down, over the South of France. Robert refuses to believe it, and for their last wish, the children ask for their father to come home safely. He does, landing his Sopwith Camel at the beach, astonished by the happening, but he vanishes at sunset after the children give him the compass back. He later returns, in person, for a permanent reunion.

The character of the father reflected both the updated WWI setting of the film, and provided an explanation for the absence of parents in the original story.