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Songs from Farscape
Released April 22, 2008
Format CD
Label La-La Land Records
Cat no. LLLCD 1067

Farscape Classics: Volume Three is the third in a series of Farscape soundtrack albums featuring the music of composer Guy Gross. The album was produced as a "limited edition" of 1200 copies, and is available exclusively on the internet.

The album contains the complete soundtrack to the third season episode "The Choice" and the second season episode "The Locket."

Track listing

tracks 1-13 from "The Choice", tracks 14-30 from "The Locket"
  1. Recap/On Valldon (02:19)
  2. Aeryn's Theme/Farscape Theme (01:55)
  3. Aeryn Meets Talyn Lyczak (03:30)
  4. Rygel Freaks Out/Talyn Reveals Truth (03:30)
  5. Stark Sees Xhalax Sun (01:18)
  6. Crais Explains (01:15)
  7. Further Exploration (01:32)
  8. Aeryn's Flashbacks (00:51)
  9. Aeryn's Anger/Xhalax Plots (03:21)
  10. This Is My World Now (01:12)
  11. Rygel Pleads/The Seer/Aeryn's Dream/Xhalax Enters (08:27)
  12. Xhalax's Pain/Lobby Battles/Xhalax's End (07:15)
  13. Stark's Goodbye/I Am, What I Was Bred To Be (03:06)
  14. Stark's Return (00:37)
  15. Aeryn's Back From The Mist (01:53)
  16. Why Am I So Old? (02:45)
  17. She May Be Dying/Goodbye Pilot (02:05)
  18. Crichton Arrives On Planet/Meeting Grandaughter (01:44)
  19. Crichton Tries To Return (01:40)
  20. Stark And Zhaan Join Spirits (01:51)
  21. You Ain't Gonna Get What's In Ma Head (00:58)
  22. Hope Keeps Me Going/A-Roving (02:46)
  23. I Belong Up There/They Waited (02:06)
  24. Aeryn's Gone (01:03)
  25. Is That What You Want?/There's This Lake InMaine (03:29)
  26. Reverse Starburst/Stark & Zhaan Keep Time Alive/Crichton Runs (02:25)
  27. Don't Go Into The Mist/Jothee Is A Slave (02:37)
  28. D’Argo's Rage (01:09)
  29. The Locket (00:43)
  30. Farscape End Credits (01:04)

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