Songs from Farscape
Released December 14, 2004
Format CD
Label La-La Land
Cat no. LLLCD 1027

Farscape Classics: Volume One is a Farscape soundtrack album featuring the music of Farscape composer Guy Gross. The album was produced as a "limited edition" of 1200 copies available exclusively on the internet.

The album contains the complete soundtrack to the third season episodes "Revenging Angel" and "Eat Me".

Track list

tracks 1-10 from "Revenging Angel"; tracks 11-22 from "Eat Me"
  1. Sabotage / "Farscape" - Opening Titles
  2. Method #1: Revenge
  3. Method #2: Avoidance
  4. Ancient Luxon
  5. You Started It / Method #3: Reasoning
  6. Method #4: Be Smart
  7. Crichton's Funeral
  8. I'm Going To Kill You
  9. Revenge Is Not The Answer / I Did It!
  10. No Revenge/"Farscape" - End Credits
  11. Give Me Status / "Farscape" - Opening Titles
  12. Bad Mojo
  13. All U Need To Know / Good Luck
  14. Disarmed / Food Regeneration
  15. Distress Call Response / R U Alone?
  16. Death Rights
  17. Twins
  18. Life Juice / Life Plug / The Real Me
  19. Good Things / Making Babies
  20. Two Chianas / Breeding
  21. Finger Licking Good
  22. Twice The Fun / Still Tied / "Farscape" - End Credits

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