Farscape Italian DVD

The Italian dub of Farscape premiered on DVD in December, 2005 and on satellite channel Jimmy on February, 2006. The translation was largely the culmination of the efforts of a fan group, the Farscape Italian Club, who fought to have the series adapted to their native language. Club founder Gianfranco Casano in particular became a consultant on the translation, particularly the slang and techno terms, and the extent to which American pop culture phrases like "Who's your daddy?" had to be retained in some form to keep the flavor of the series. The Farscape Italian Club was also influential in arranging appearances by Farscape stars Virginia Hey and Anthony Simcoe at Italian sci-fi conventions.

Farscape: The Peacekeeper Wars was also dubbed into Italian, but by a different firm and with an entirely different cast.



  • Dubbing Studio: Four Bi
  • Translation and Supervison: Flora Staglion, with Gianfranco Casano, Silvano Varlec,
  • Italian Dialogue: Antonello Ponzio, Paola Valentini
  • Voice Director: Lorenzo Ciccorelli

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