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Written by Norman Stiles
Illustrator Tom Cooke
Published 1977
Publisher Western Publishing
ISBN 0307580229

Farmer Grover is a 1977 Sesame Street storybook about Grover working on the farm. He's not sure what to do, so he tries out a bunch of jobs. First, he tries to pull a wagon like a horse, but he falls on his face. He tries to be a cow, but the bull scares him away. He narrowly escapes being taken for the mother of a bunch of newly-hatched chicks. He almost drowns when he tries to be a duck, and he backs out of the pig business when he sees how dirty it is.

In despair, Grover cries, "Oh, dear. What kind of work can I do on this farm?" All of the animals come together to tell him: "Be a farmer!" Grover puts on a hat, overalls and a neckerchief, and becomes Farmer Grover, who grows the food and feeds the animals. The farm animals all shout: "Hooray for Farmer Grover!"


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