Abby Cadabby's drawing of her mommy and their home.


Mommy's hand.

Fairy-in-training Abby Cadabby refers to her mother as Fairy Godmommy. According to a tweet by Abby, she is Cinderella's Fairy Godmother and she "majored in magic with a minor in gown design." [1]

Abby often speaks to her mother on her wand phone; while the character has not directly appeared in person on Sesame Street, her purple hands are shown in a point-of-view shot tucking Abby into bed in the resource video Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce.

In the 2012 resource video Little Children, Big Challenges: Divorce it is revealed that Abby's mother and father are divorced. Abby spends part of her time living with her mommy at her house and part of her time living with her daddy at his house. Although Abby's parents are no longer married and live in different houses, Abby learns that they both still love her.

Abby's mother appears in the 2007 storybook Abby Cadabby's Rhyme Time, and the 2011 storybook Abby's Pink Party.


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  1. Twitter, Sesame Street. December 10, 2009.

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