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Released  1978
Format  LP
Label  Sesame Street Records
Catalogue no.  CTW 22088

Fair Is Fair is a 1978 Sesame Street concept album dealing with topics such as getting along with other people, talking to people politely, and what to do if you hurt somebody's feelings.

Track listing

All songs written by Phillip Namanworth except where noted.
Side One

  1. Talk to Me Nice - Bob, Big Bird, and Oscar
  2. Tell Them - Gordon
  3. Don't Go Away Without Me - Ernie and Bert
    Music by Phillip Namanworth, Lyrics by Barbara Bottner
  4. I Like You, You Like Me - Big Bird and Little Bird
  5. Too Busy - Jamie Aff
  6. Very Fair, Very Square Dance - Harry and the Hillbillies

Side Two

  1. Fair is Fair - Ernie and Bert
  2. The No Song - Oscar and Farley
    Music by Phillip Namanworth, Lyrics by Barbara Bottner
  3. It's Too High - The Orange Helicopter
  4. I'm a Person - Prairie Dawn
  5. So Nice to Be Here With You - The Cast


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