Fagerpels Hotell is the Norwegian dub of The Furchester Hotel. The first episode aired on NRK on May 2, 2015.

Character Translations and Voices

English Character Name Norwegian Character Name Norwegian Voice Actor
Elmo Elmo Gaute Boris Skjegstad
Phoebe Furchester-Fuzz Phoebe Fagerpels-Fuzz Hedda Sandvig
Funella Furchester Funella Fagerpels Christin Borge
Furgus Fuzz Furgus Fagerpels Preben Olram
Cookie Monster Kakemonster Mads Henning Jørgensen
Harvey P. Dull Harvey P. Dull Christoffer Staib

Additional voices

  • Christian Greger Strøm
  • Sarah MacDonald Berge
  • Katrine Blomstrand
  • Jon Erling Wevling
  • Erik Skøld

Additional credits

  • Translation by Kristoffer Olsen
  • Dubbing Director: Bård Høvik
  • Dubbing by SDI Media

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