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Eus Roovers (b. June 21, 1968) writes several sketches for Sesamstraat, the Dutch co-production of Sesame Street. In September 2007 he started writing stories about Aap (Monkey) and Reus en dwerg (Giant and midget).

Season 2007-2008


Sneeuwpop (Snowman) 30/10/2007 15/02/2008 24/05/2008

Muur (Wall) 03/11/2007 21/11/2007 22/11/2007

Schaduw (Shadow) 04/11/2007 19/02/2008 28/05/2008

Vogel (Bird) 26/11/2007 31/12/2007 01/05/2008 06/08/2008

Dans (Dance) 28/11/2007 21/12/2007 29/03/2008 08/07/2008

Reus en dwerg

Ruzie (Having Arguments) 13/10/2007

Vakantie (Vacation) 28/10/2007

Verstoppertje (Hide and Seek) 14/11/2007

Wedstrijd (Game) 03/01/2008 08/04/2008 16/07/2008

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