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Ernie's Show and Tell is a recurring Sesame Street segment, which debuted in Season 30. In the segment, kids show Ernie an item, such as a drawing they've made or a favorite toy, and tell him all about it.

When these were shown after Season 32, as part of Journey to Ernie, the opening introduction was cut.

The segments theme song was written by Luis Santeiro (lyrics) and Robby Merkin (music).


Picture Summary / EKA Description
Picture of Grandpa
Episode 3790
Ernie's friend Michael shows him a picture of his grandpa.
Baby Booties
Episode 3812
Nelson shows Ernie the baby booties he got for his yet-to-be-born sister.
Episode 3821
Nicole shows Ernie a picture she made with SpinArt.
Episode 3823
Ernie and Daniel play the bongos.
Episode 3826
A girl named Rebecca shows Ernie her crown.
Weather Map
Episode 3836
A boy named Ben shows Ernie his map of the United States.
Cell Phone
Episode 3838
Ernie and Mandy record a message on a cell phone.
Dinosaur Book
Episode 3845
Sankarj shows Ernie his book about dinosaurs.
Episode 3878
Ernie's friend Alexa surprises him with a bag of jewels.
Episode 3930
Ernie talks with Nicholas about his glockenspiel.

Online: (SSvideo)

Hockey Art
Episode 3962
Dillon shows Ernie a drawing of his ice hockey equipment.

Online: (SSvideo)

Episode 3980
Zaj sings "Skinnamarink" to Ernie.

Online: (SSvideo)

Picture of Friends
Episode 3987
Sidney shows Ernie a drawing she made of some of her friends.

Online: (SSvideo)

Pretend Drum
Episode 3994
Ernie's friend Andrew shows him his pretend drum.
Family Picture
Episode 4013
Devon shows Ernie his family picture that he made using popsicle sticks.

Online: (SSvideo)

Family Picture
Episode 4096
Joey shows off his family picture to Ernie. Joey’s family comes out and they take a picture with Ernie.
Episode 4106
Patrick has Ernie guess what song he's playing on his violin.

Online: (SSvideo)

Picture of Family Sidney shows Ernie another drawing she made of her friends and family.

Online: (SSvideo)

Sea Shell A child shows Ernie their sea shell and they listen to the ocean with it.

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