Plaza Sésamo
Air date 2008
Season 11
Sponsors E, 16


This episode guide is missing segments cut from Telefutura's broadcast.
Picture Segment Description
SCENE Pancho has his friends help him listen for Elefancio.
Animation Sand creatures illustrate the song, "Sing."
(First: Episodio 935)
Muppets Pancho displays the letter E, then an "elefante" (elephant).
(First: Episodio 947)
Animation Planet E / e
(EKA: Episodio 742)
Ernestine's First Word
Muppets Ernie tries to get baby Ernestine to say his name. It turns out she's much better at saying "Bert!"
(EKA: Episodio 822)
Film Wegman dogs show stop and go during a race.
Cartoon Global Thingy
Everyone sings out of tune until the globe teaches them to sing in harmony.
(First: Episodio 954)
SCENE Lola and Abelardo argue over what they want to play. A passerby Multimonstruo is made the tiebreaker. He can't choose and shows them a dance they all agree to do.
Animation Cecille sings "Up Down, In Out, Over and Under."
(EKA: Episodio 816)
Cartoon Sixteen pigs form various acrobatic pyramids.
¡Otra vez en inglés! The segment then replays in English.
Muppets Grover is a jungle photographer. "Hold still, little tsetse fly!" he says as he clicks the shutter. "Thank you. I will send you a print." He tries to find an elephant to photograph, but he never turns around in time. Finally, the elephant takes a picture of Grover for his collection.
Cartoon "Sixteen Blues"
(EKA: Episodio 851)
Muppets / Film Pancho Visión
Pancho presents a film of kids attending their dance class.
Animation Letter Garden: E
(EKA: Episodio 797)
Cookie love
Muppets Cookie Monster sings "You Made Me Love You." (introduction cut, redubbed)
(EKA: Episodio 804)

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