Picture Segment Description
Rua episode 16 street 01

Rua episode 16 street 02
SCENE 1 The grocer tries the last container of strawberry yogurt, and is delighted by the taste. A customer comes in to buy strawberry yogurt, and the grocer desperately tries to discourage him, offering the other flavours, not wanting to admit that the strawberry is partially eaten.
Rua episode 16 Bridgekeeper
Cartoon "The Bridgekeeper: Circle"
Rua episode 16 AMs
Rua episode 16 clay
Rua episode 16 bike
Live action
Rua episode 16 4
Cartoon A clown machine tickles four people, and then four monkeys.
Rua episode 16 street 03
SEGMENT 2 Poupas trains for the Olympics
Muppets "Super Grover: Computer"
Rua episode 16 elephant
Rua episode 16 otter
Live action
Rua episode 16 frog 1

Rua episode 16 frog 2
Rua episode 16 street 04

Rua episode 16 street 05

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O Aniversario do Poupas

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