Rua Sésamo
Air date 1989
Season 1
  • Poupas's birthday is celebrated.
  • Clementine reminds Forgetful Jones to call his cousin on her birthday (even though he's got a ribbon tied to his finger and to the phone). When he calls, his equally forgetful cousin doesn't remember having a cousin, and asks him to describe what he looks like.
  • Ernie gets emotional during a movie: first he's sad, then scared, then happy. His reactions bother the other moviegoers, and the scene ends in chaos.
  • Grover applies to be a lifeguard. There's only one thing he needs: swimming lessons.
  • Bert is trying to write a letter to Mr. Rogers, but finds it difficult when Ernie operates his electric fan right next to him. Bert blows up at Ernie and says he is "hot and bothered," and Ernie has just the thing for that: more cool air.

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