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Episode 701: It's Only Pretendo

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Muppet Babies
Air Date December 2, 1989
Written by Sindy McKay
Larry Swerdlove
Gonzo as mario

Gonzo and Piggy compete against each other with video games.



  • The title spoofs the popular game system "Nintendo". Some of the games that get parodied include "Donkey Kong," "Frogger," "Centipede," "Super Mario Bros." and "The Legend of Zelda."
  • The music in the title card changes.
  • The music score is no longer composed by Rob Walsh, but it is now composed by Robert Irving and Hank Saroyan and sounds completely different.
  • The sound effects in the show are now different, and don't use the famous Hanna-Barbera sound effects as often.

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