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Episode 507: Scooter By Any Other Name

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Muppet Babies
Air Date October 22, 1988
Written by J.R. Young
507 Scooter By Any Other Name

Scooter hates the fact he is book-smart and not street-smart, so Gonzo helps to reinvent him as a stand-up comic, a rock star, a military jet pilot and a superhero. However, Scooter learns the importance of being himself as in each of these situations he applies knowledge, such as making a dangerous landing in a fighter jet when he sees the flight instruments are just like his video game.



  • Scooter's attempt to be a comedian by wearing a fuzzy wig is likely based on the apperance of Gallagher.
  • Scooter refering to himself as "Maverick" is clearly taken from Top Gun. Live-action footage from the film is also used.

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