Sesame Street
Plot Elmo's Butterfly Friend (repeat of 4268)
Air date March 31, 2018
Season Season 48 (2017-2018)

Picture Segment Description

SCENE Telly and Elmo welcome the viewer while look for insects. When they encounter two ants playing, Telly consults his book - Fascinating Facts About Insects - and learns they never sleep. "Fascinating!" They then find two ladybug friends and learn they smell with their feet.


SCENE cont'd The monsters come across a butterfly, who doesn't have any butterfly company. Elmo wants to be his friend and flaps his arms like him, but it doesn't respond. They decide to get its attention, Elmo should be more like a butterfly. Using information from the book, Elmo gets costumes to emulate the various stages of a butterflies life. When he emerges from his chrysalis a butterfly, the butterfly flies down to be his friend.
SCENE cont'd As the two fly about the street, Elmo sings to his new "Little Butterfly Friend." Telly points out the butterfly looks tired and they head to Hooper's Store for nourishment.

SCENE cont'd At Hooper's, the butterfly greets Chris by landing on his head. Chris isn't sure what to serve the butterflies, until Telly reads they like nectar and fruit juice. Chris prepares some orange slices for the two and they witness the butterfly using its proboscis to eat.


SCENE cont'd Elmo now draws a picture of his new friend, where Telly reads that it's a Monarch butterfly. Telly then notices some more butterflies appearing around him. He reads that butterflies tend to migrate in groups, which is what's happening right now. Elmo is sure his new friend will stay, but it flutters off with its kin. Elmo is sad, until it comes back to say goodbye. Elmo notes he'll always have the drawing to remember him by. With the butterfly now gone, Telly states he'd like a butterfly friend and the two go off reading more from his book.

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