Sesame Street
Plot Cast Iron Cooks (Repeat of 4271)
Air date July 29, 2017
Season Season 47 (2017)


Picture Segment Description

SCENE Alan prepares Elmo a lunch, when the Hooper's Store lights dim and Super Chef, the host of Cast Iron Cook (Jason Schwartzman), appears, announcing Alan has been picked to be a contestant. The store gets a re-decorating as Super Chef introduces Alan's competitors. Super Chef explains to Alan, Chris and Elmo that he must beat the other cooks in three different rounds.

SCENE cont'd Super Chef announces the frist dish to be made - P Stew, a concoction that must consist of nothing but P-word ingredients. The gang tosses many P foods into their pot. Time runs out and Super Chef is repulsed by their stew. He takes a sample of the other cooks' stew and adores it, until Chris points out one of the chef's hats fell into the pot, this making their P stew void. Alan starts getting pumped to win.

SCENE cont'd The next dish they must prepare is an apple pie, made with exactly eight apples. Alan looks around the counter for some, but he only has seven. Elmo remembers he has an apple in his lunch bag and gives it to Alan. Chris accidentally adds peper to their pie, thus disgusting Super Chef again. He adores the taste of the opponents' pie, but Chris again discovers the chef's glasses fell into the pie, making them lose on a technicality. Chris thinks they can't lose now, but Super Chef points out the final round is worth three points.


SCENE cont'd The final dish is a Half-garian Goulash, using whatever ingredients they'd like, but they all must be cut in half. Alan quickly explains the concept to Elmo before they start adding their ingredients. Super Chef gives their goulash a taste and is again repulsed. He is about to deem the Cast Iron Cooks the winners, until Chris finds the chef's wristwatch in the pot, not cut in half. Alan and friends are declared the winners and Super Chef signs off, finding the chefs cut his belt in half as his pants drop.

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