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Sesame Street
Plot Lifting Snuffy (repeat of 4321)
Air date February 25, 2017
Season Season 47 (2017)


Picture Segment Description

Elmo, Rosita, Gina and Snuffy are all stretching, getting ready to be in Zoe's new dance - The Dance of the Six Swans. Snuffy is particularly excited to be a swan. However, they find there's only five of them. Alan passes through, having just got off work and they plead for him to join their dance. Alan initially refuses, but decides to join them, for the dance.

SCENE cont'd
Once everyone is in costume, Zoe shows them the routine, which ends with one partner lifting the other. Alan's partner is Snuffy, who wishes to be the one lifted. Alan doubts he can do so, but tries anyway, unable to lift him and collapsing under the weight. They notice Chris lifting a slice of pie in Hooper's with a spatula; Gina points out it's a lever and such a tool might be able to lift Snuffy.
SCENE cont'd
With their large lever designed and built, Alan puts all his muscle into pushing down on the opposite end of Snuffy, but ends up snapping the board in half. Zoe spots Kaylee jumping rope nearby and thinks rope could lift him, and Snuffy has a very strong rope in his cave.

SCENE cont'd
With their rope in place, Alan tries to get Snuffy in the air, but doesn't have the strength. But, Snuffy easily pulls Alan into the air. Gordon arrives and help set him down, and points out the flaw in their design: they need a pulley system for their rope. They all run to the hardware store to get some pulleys.
SCENE cont'd
With the pulleys installed, they begin rehearsals again. Alan pulls on the rope and Snuffy is finally lifted into the air!

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