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Sesame Street
Plot Sesame Street-O-Saurus
Air date February 4, 2013
Season Season 43 (2012-2013)
Sponsors V, 12


Picture Segment Description
What's the Word on the Street?: Paleontologist

Rosita, Elmo and Chris welcome the viewer while setting up a table, which is soon covered by tools from "Paleontologist Grover." Chris explains what the position entails (because Grover hasn't a clue). Grover is hoping to dig up some dinosaur bones and build his own dinosaur skeleton, just like the ones in his book, but is severely lacking in any samples (i.e. not having any at all).

SCENE cont'd
While Chris heads back to work, Elmo and Rosita want to be paleontologists. Grover points out they lack the proper outfits and tools, which the two quickly produce. He also states they need to sing the paleontologist theme song, which they sing with some Anything Muppets.
SCENE cont'd
Now that they've done everything necessary, they are all now official paleontologists and start digging. They dig around the garden and come up with various odds and ends, which Grover claims are fossils.

SCENE cont'd
Chris comes back to find his table cloth covered in dirt and junk. Grover asserts they're the fossils, until Chris points out that not everything old and found in dirt is a fossil. Distraught, Grover decides to quit the paleontologist gig until Elmo comes up with a great idea - use the pieces to create their own dinosaur. Grover assembles the pieces into a jumble, so Chris suggests they design it first. They study the pieces and figure out what parts resemble dinosaur body parts. Their design works and they come up with a dinosaur figure! Grover calls it a "Sesame Street-O-Saurus," then goes for a simple "Barbara." They go off to make more dinosaurs, while Chris shows Barbara his (poor) T-rex impression, to Grover's disapproval.
The street story can be viewed at (SSvideo)
Muppets / Celebrity
Amy Ryan and Elmo explain what a paleontologist does and meet a real life dinosaur.
Cavemen observe and make their own cave paintings.
(EKA: Episode 4181)
Abby's Flying Fairy School is on the way, but first, Murray and Ovejita are off to visit another one of the people in your neighborhood. They meet Terry, who's a paleontologist and explains his job.
Alphabet Pictures presents "V": A mime acts out playing the violin.
Mr. Johnson has another run-in with Grover in the park. Grover is peddling the letter V and some V-word items, including an out-of-control vacuum that sucks up all the items, including Johnson's vest.
(First: Episode 4234)
Murray and Jordan introduce Abby's Flying Fairy School.
(First: Episode 4305)

Muppets / Animation
Abby's Flying Fairy School
Abby and Gonnigan work on their magic macaroni art. Blogg uses magic to create a life-size Macaroni dinosaur. With a touch of "The Spice of Life", he brings his creation to life. However, it begins wreaking havoc all over the class room, wrecking everything. They try various methods of stopping it, including making a Macaroni stop sign, but to no avail. Mrs. Sparklenose suggests they "Spot the solution." They call on Spot, who shows them things that are humongous. They get the idea they need something big to stop him. A large wall doesn't work for them, however. Blogg comes up with a giant meatball, which the Macaronisaurus begins playing with. Everyone cheers, while the giant meatball pins Blogg to the floor. (re-orchestrated theme song)
(First: Episode 4207)
Before "Super Grover 2.0" arrives, Terry shows Murray and Ovejita the different types of fossils people like him try to find.
"Twelve Little Chicks"
Artist: Mari Jaye Blanchard
(First: Episode 4258)
Murray and Max introduce "Super Grover 2.0."

Super Grover 2.0
At a lemonade stand in the tundra, some animals discover their pink lemonade is frozen solid. When Grover lands on the scene, he tries thawing it by shaking it and using his jackhammer, but just breaks it up into still-frozen pieces. One animal wonders if heating it up will melt it. Grover gives it a try and gives the pitcher his earmuffs, scarf and gloves, then starts feeling cold himself. The moose instead gets his hairdryer and successfully melts the frozen lemonade. He then uses it on a now-frozen Super Grover.
"Elmo the Musical" will soon arrive, but now, Murray pretends to be a paleontologist and searches for a fossils. He successfully identifies a 100 million-year-old dinosaur egg. "I love meetin' peeps in my hood!," he declares.
Kids learn about rocks on a visit to the Sterling Hill Mines.
(First: Episode 4234)
Muppets / Celebrity
Juanes and friends sing "Muevete."
(First: Episode 4262)
Murray and Jordan introduce the "musical sensation," Elmo the Musical!

Elmo the Musical: Guacamole the Musical
Elmo imagines himself as Chef Explorer Elmo, who is stationed in the jungles of Nacho Pichu. He is greeted by The Queen of Nacho Picchu, who commissions him to find a dip for her large tortilla chip. Velvet recommends Elmo contact the Rhombus of Recipes, who provides him with directions to make guacamole. First, he visits the Valley of the Whistling Nose, where Nose McDonald helps him pick 14 avocados for the meal. Next, he heads to the Temple of Spoons for some onion. Elmo takes a sample without measuring the three spoon-fulls he needs and the temple begins to crumble. He measures the onion and magically gets a bowl of guacamole. He brings it back to the Queen, who doesn't like it...she loves it! They all celebrate by doing a guacamole dance.
(First: Episode 4301)
Murray announces the sponsors.
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph announces: "Sesame Street is brought to you by the Rhyming Alliance."


  • This episode was written by Ed Valentine, and was his first episode for Sesame Street.[1]


  1. Ed Valentine on Twitter

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