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Episode 4292

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Sesame Street
Plot Abby gets the Sparkle Speckle Fairy Freckles (repeat of 4199)
Air date November 4, 2011
Season Season 42 (2011)
Sponsors I, 6


Picture Segment Description

Elmo and Abby are playing, when Elmo and Alan notice Abby's freckles are sparkling. She calls The Fairy Doctorperson, who concludes she has a case of the "Sparkle Speckle Fairy Freckles", a fairy illness that causes a fairy's freckles to sparkle, then fall off. He warns them that once the freckles are off, they have a great ability to hide and once they find a freckle, they must all say the magic words: "Fricka, fracka, freckle, back-a". He disappears to recommend a good dentist for the Tooth Fairy.
SCENE cont'd
Elmo wonders when Abby's freckles will come off, when the freckles fly off her face that moment. After chasing them around the arbor, Alan spots one heading into Hooper's Store.
SCENE cont'd
Inside the store, Chris confusedly watches them search for the freckle. He spots something sparkling on a Biondo's Nurti-Dots cereal box, which is one of the hiding freckles! They say the magic words and the freckle flies back onto Abby's face. They head out, spotting another freckle.
SCENE cont'd
The look over near Rosita, who is finishing her flower drawing. She, too confused as to what is going on, spots two sparkling dots on her picture. They say and magic words twice so they can get both freckles.

SCENE cont'd
At the laundromat, Mama Bear and Baby Bear fold their laundry. Alan alerts the patrons, having them inspect anything they have with small circles on them, which is where the freckles seem to be hiding. Mama Bear displays her son's underpants (much to his embarrassment), which contains another freckle. Leela also finds one, attached to her nose ring.

SCENE cont'd
They spot the final freckle...on a cookie about to be eaten by Cookie Monster! Abby tackles him and tries taking the cookie, but he snatches it back. They quickly say the magic words before Cookie devours his cookie. Abby's final freckle restores itself on her face, making her happy once more.
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