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Sesame Street
Plot Letter "R" Mystery
Air date November 11, 2011
Season Season 42 (2011-2012)
Sponsors R, 19
Releases M is for Mystery

Sesame Workshop description

Detective Alfie Betts, played by Adam Rodriguez, is on vacation on Sesame Street, enjoying a plate of raisin raspberry ravioli when Telly rushes in very upset that his robot and remote are missing. Then Leela enters looking for her rake and roses. When the raisin raspberry ravioli disappears too, Detective Alfie Betts decides it’s time to investigate to find out why things keep going missing. He needs a team of detectives. Elmo and Abby quickly volunteer. By repeating the items that are missing, they realize that all of them begin with the letter R. Detective Betts is on the case!



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