Bear in the Big Blue House
425 Let it Go
Premiere April 28, 2006
Written by Mitchell Kriegman and Claudia Silver
Director Mitchell Kriegman
Theme Worry

When Bear visits the kitchen for a glass of water, he finds Pip and Pop wanting one as well. They make a dash with the water for the Otter Pond, saying that they have a "serious situation." They tell Bear that they're worried the Otter Pond is going to dry out and Woodland Valley will turn into a desert. Bear offers them reassurance and then seeks to find out the origin of this rumor. It turns out to have come from a rather surprising source. Later, when rain finally does come in the form of a storm, both Bear and Shadow do their best to assuage the kids' worries.


  • Come on In
  • You Got to Let It Go
  • Shadow Is Here
  • No Harm (Alternate Version)
  • Shadow as a slightly bigger part in this episode then in previous episodes.

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