Bear in the Big Blue House
Premiere April 24, 2006
Written by P. Kevin Strader
Director Mitchell Kriegman
Theme Responsibility

Bear returns to the Big Blue House from a business trip for Bearcraft Tools to find that everything's a mess. He left Lois in charge while he was away and it seems she was perfectly willing to go along with the kids' idea of not cleaning up so that they'd have more time to play. Now Ojo and Treelo are missing their toys --- Snow Bear and Rockboy, Pip and Pop have been stuck in one spot playing an increasingly boring game of tag and Tutter's trapped in the cheese drawer. Bear talks things over with everyone and they begin to see that maybe their time-saving idea is actually wasting time. They then have the same sort of idea about taking a bath, but Bear helps them by getting them to visualize what would happen if they stopped taking baths. In the Shadow segment, Shadow sings a song about how to make doing chores fun.



  • This episode features the same set of songs heard in "Woodland House Wonderful" --- "Clean Up the House," "Everybody in the Tub" and "Brush Brush Bree."
  • The title references one of William Shakespeare's most famous lines: "To be or not to be..."

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