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Sesame Street
Plot The Golden Triangle of Destiny
Air date August 11, 2008 (season premiere)
Season Season 39 (2008)
Sponsors L, 4
Syndication PBS Kids Sprout
Releases Elmo and Friends: Tales of Adventure


Picture Segment Description
What's the Word on the Street: Octagon

Chris welcomes the viewer to Sesame Street, as he serves Telly his lunch: a grilled-cheese sandwich, which is cut into Telly's favorite shape: a triangle. Suddenly, heroic music plays as Minnesota Mel, a swashbuckling hero, makes a swinging entrance. He's on one of his "patented high-stakes adventures," this time in search of the Golden Triangle of Destiny (the very mention of which always cues a sting). It is "the rarest, most beautiful triangle" in the world, which only one person has seen -- and taken a picture of. Telly and Chris are impressed at the sight of the golden sides and the "blinged-out" angles. Legend has it that this magnificent triangle is hidden somewhere on Sesame Street, but just as Mel goes off to find it, he gets a charley-horse and is unable to continue his journey. Telly refuses to wait until Mel gets better, so, being the triangle lover he is, he decides to find the triangle himself, emerging in explorer gear in a split-second, calling himself "Texas Telly" (he's not from Texas, but he likes cows).

Telly calls out for the triangle, but the garage doors open, and out rolls a giant boulder! He and Chris run away from it in faux slow motion, until it talks to them, revealing that it has a clue to find the triangle. The clue is: they have to look under something.

Telly looks under a picnic table, then under Chris, then under the ground (using a jackhammer). Chris tells him he won't find anything underground, but just then, he comes across something shiny: a jewel-encrusted shape with five sides and five angles. This turns out to be the Golden Pentagon of Destiny, which was sought after by Wyoming Walt, another intrepid explorer. Walt takes the pentagon, and leaves for a vacation ("If anyone calls, tell them Wyoming's in Hawaii!").
Telly's next clue is given to him by a snake, which is: "laundromat." Chris points him to the laundromat, and they immediately head there.

At the laundromat, Murray Monster shows Leela that he has four socks, and she observes that they don't match. Just then, Texas Telly swings into the laundromat. Murray, already a big fan of his, helps him look under several laundry baskets and piles, making a mess of the place for Leela to clean.

Telly feels like giving up, until Murray points him out to a mysterious-looking bottle of fabric softener, which may be a trap. Telly feels nervous at first, but he bravely goes forth to the bottle. Under it, he finds another jewel-encrusted shape, and soon, the laundromat starts to quake, and he runs away in terror as clothes spring out of the washing machines. He makes it back safely, and notices that this shape has eight sides and eight angles ... which means it's an octagon. But it's not just any octagon: it's the Golden Octagon of Destiny, sought after by Virginia Virginia. She takes the octagon, and goes on her way.

Now Telly really feels like giving up on this quest and is even tired of the triangle music he hears every time he mentions it. He goes to another corner of the laundromat, and sits down in an armchair. He feels something poking him from underneath, so he checks under the seat cushion and finds ... The Golden Triangle of Destiny! They all count the sides and angles to make sure it's the right one. Just then, Minnesota Mel enters the laundromat, and tries to claim credit for finding the triangle. Telly, however, says it belongs to the Museum of Triangular History, where everyone can see it. And so ends the adventure of Minnesota Mel and Texas Telly and the Golden Triangle of Destiny!
The entire street scene can be viewed on (SSvideo)
"Adventures You Can Find" - kids use their imaginations while exploring the seashore.
Muppets / Celebrity
Jack Black tries to look for an octagon, when Elmo shows him a STOP sign.
Kids make the city traffic "stop" and "go." (added new sound effects)
(EKA: Episode 3523)
Still at the laundromat, Murray displays the letter of the day, L, and asks Gordon to give some L words. Gordon does so, even though he's busy with his load of lots of laundry.
Letter L Animals' Limerick
(EKA: Episode 3740)
Gymnasts form the letter L.

Muppets / Animation
Bert and Ernie's Great Adventures
Ernie and Bert find themselves in Tiny Town, where they are tiny, and everything around them is enormous. They have fun playing with a remote-control car, and making friends with a giant puppy.

Murray Has a Little Lamb
Murray's lamb, Ovejita, gives clues about which escuela they'll be visiting today, each one a different color belt (cinturon), green (verde) and white (blanco), as well as a kick (un patea). The school turns out to be a karate class, where Murray and Ovejita learn how to do karate, and Murray eagerly anticipates breaking a board.

Cut from the Sprout version (see Alterations noted below).
Gordon announces the number of the day, which happens to be the number of socks that are stuck to his shirt: four.
The number 4 is built from construction equipment.
Artist: Expat Labs
Muppets / Celebrity
Feist performs a spoof of her song "1-2-3-4" as various Muppets help her count.
Elmo's World: Drums
"Elmo's Question" and the "Video E-Mail" are cut from the Sprout version.
Having finished his laundry, Gordon announces today's sponsors, and signs off.


Picture Segment Description
Global Grover: Grover returns from Egypt with his camel Sidney. In his film, Ahmed and his father visit their relatives in the country. The relatives send them home with a basket filled with food from the farm. Afterwards, Grover prepares to eat the basket of lunch that he brought back...but Sidney ate it all.
This segment replaces "Murray Has a Little Lamb" in the Sprout version



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