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Episode 412: Space Frog Follies

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Fraggle Rock
Air Date March 24, 1986
Written by David Young
Director George Bloomfield
Space Frog Follies02:21

Space Frog Follies

Uncle Matt brings Gobo a frog from Outer Space as a surprise birthday present. Matt puts Wembley in charge of hiding the frog, but it gets loose.

Meanwhile, Doc must return a sweater borrowed from Ned Shimmelfinney but Sprocket has been chewing on the sleeve.


  • The song "Insect Rock" was reused later in the "Tiger/Tiger Beetle" episode of The Animal Show.

Supporting cast


Video releases

International episode titles

  • Germany: "Der fremde Frosch" (The Alien Frog)
  • Spain: "Las ranas del espacio" (Space Frogs)


  1. The Encyclopedia Fragglia.

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