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[[Category:Bear in the Big Blue House Episodes|409]]
[[Category:Bear in the Big Blue House Episodes|409]]

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Bear in the Big Blue House
Air Date September 23, 2002
Written by Claudia Silver
Director Dean Gordon
Theme History

Mitchell Kriegman and friends celebrate 100 episodes.

When Bear plays hide-and-seek with Tutter and Ojo, Ojo puts an abrupt end to the game when she calls for the two of them. It turns out that she's discovered something interesting --- some sort of old stones or bricks. Bear says that it looks like the remains of an old house and so Tutter and Ojo decide once again to be detectives and figure out what the deal with it is. Bear takes them to the library where they find a picture of the house as it once was in a book titled Houses of Woodland Valley. Otto and Etta recognize the name of the home's owner --- Hephaestus as being the name of Jeremiah's great-grandfather. So Bear, Ojo and Tutter head to the General Store, where Jeremiah has a quite a story for them.


  • The Mystery of History (lyrics)
  • The Mystery of History (Reprise) (lyrics)


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