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Cold open


Opening number


Muppet newsflash

A mother watches the news on TV with her baby.
Newsman And now, direct from the Chicago livestock board, here are the gestation periods.
Baby Gestation…
Newsman (looks around) Yes. Anyhow, gestation periods. Eggs, 113 days. Cows, 284 days. Horses, 337 days, and elephants, 645 days. Elsewhere on the agricultural news front, the recent bumper crop has been causing problems for farmers. Widespread dumping of produce has resulted from this bumper crop, and now —
A pile of car bumpers falls on him. The mother and baby laugh.
Mother Bumper crop.


The Swedish Chef

Dressing room

At the Square Dance

UK spot

"Get Along Little Dogies"

The Swedish Chef


Fozzie's recitation

The Swedish Chef / "Sailing Down This Golden River"


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